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New possibilities and doors open in the world of online casinos. My Slot (online video slot) gives players of online casinos the chance to modify and personalize their personal video slot. The latest version of casino online slots permits users to add their personal images as well as sounds and themes, providing a fresh and distinctive casino experience to all who play the game. My Slot is a video slot that My Slot video slot is an innovative concept developed by the online casino industry game creators Microgaming(TM).

After downloading any casino that is supported by Microgaming’s software, the installing process สล็อตเว็บตรง of the game is easy. All players have to do is select My Slot from the bouquet of slot games listed and then wait until the slot game is downloaded to the casino’s lobby.

Images changing

After the game is transferred to the casino lobby, players can start altering the appearance and feel to the gameplay by pressing every symbol displayed in the game’s ‘create new theme’ interface. The game comes preloaded with standard symbols like bells and cherries, bar symbols and oranges, as well as a hefty amount of cash as high payoff symbols.

In parallel to the highest paying symbols, the lower paying symbols are identified by six playing card symbols that range between 9 and Ace.

My Slot is a 5-reel, 9 Payline slot that also has symbols of Wild as well as Scatter symbols that are designed to provide players with bigger chances to win – they are located in the upper right-hand corner of the ‘create new theme’ interface . They can be easily replaced by other images. Once the player clicks on the image they have chosen to alter his personal’my pictures’ folder will be instantly open, allowing the player to choose and upload the image of their choice. If the image selected isn’t within the specified pc image folder , there is obviously the possibility of selecting any directory, provided it has an image. There aren’t any image dimensions restrictions and users can modify all images using the helpful symbols editor. This tool is simple to use and allows users to choose a desired part of the image.

The color theme to select

The option to change the theme color is located in the lower left corner of the interface for themes. Players can alter the color of their background slot to match the images they have previously chosen. If you have selected images of nature, then the best choice for a background color is blue or green. The colors are all obvious since the choice can be made using a full spectrum of colors located at the end of the theme selection.

Modifying the theme music

My Slot players can also change the music that plays during their game. All they have to do is click the button ‘change’ in the lower right-hand corner of the ‘create a new theme’ interface. The players can now select their preferred song or music for a unique My Slot experience a completely unique experience.

Save your brand new My Slot theme

After all changes are completed All that’s left to save is the new theme you’ve created. You can do this by giving the brand new design a title, and pressing the save button located at the end of the ‘create a new theme’ interface. After players have completed this they are able to play their brand new and personal video slot. The players can design a variety of slot machines that depict whatever they like including their favorite (and not so much) relatives, pets they love and their favorite cars, as well as discrete holidays, pop stars and rock stars, movie stars, etc. My Slot is a video slot that My Slot video slot has endless hours of entertainment and imagination to offer players who play online casinos The possibilities have been essentially endless.

Playing My Slot

The game My Slot is just as simple as playing any other video slot online. It is a five reel, nine payline slot, the game offers a variety of betting options for players. The player can select which paylines will be they want to play during each spin. The more paylines they select more likely they are of gaining more money. The maximum number of betting coins per spin is five however once you have decided to play on all 9 paylines, the wager can be increased by 45 to 45 coin per spin. The minimum number that can be played for a bet on a payline 9 will be 9 coin (1 coin multiplied by 9 paylines equals nine coins). The most exciting thing about this slot is that players are able to switch between themes with the touch of one button.

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